C.U. Art Galleries, CU-Boulder

Michiko Itatani
Michiko Itatani
Installation, one woman show, 1989.

Madame la Guillotine
Madame la Guillotine
Installation French Bicentennial, 1989.

Helen and Newton Harrison
Book of the 7 Lagoons
Book of the Seven Lagoons, detail, 1990.

CU This Summer, Outreach Program
CU Outreach

Outreach Touring Exhibition, Program Brochure, 1994.

Art of Haiti
Art of Haiti
Installation view, 1990.

May Stevens
May Stevens - Sea of Words
Sea of Words, painting detail, 1993.

Alex Grey: The Sacred Mirrors

Alex Greay
Installation view, mixed media paintings, 1991.

Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds
Hachivi - Edgar Heap of Birds
Dig the Mix Installation, 1991.

Mr. Imagination
Mr Imagination
Installation, bottlecap throne and regalia, 1992.

Noche De Muertos, Chicano Journey into a Michoacan Night
Noche de Muertos
Installation entry view, 1994.

David Avalos Debra Small mis-ce-ge-NATRON
stupid machine
Artists machine that measured visitors degree of racism, 1991.

The Hybrid State
The Hybrid State
Traveling group show from Exit Art, NYC, 1991.

Leo Tanguma
Leo Tanguma - Portable Mural
Torch of Quetzalcoatl, Portable Mura, 199l.

Art and Cuba Now
Art and Cuba Now
Traveling show of Cuban artists, 1991.

Pepon Osorio
Pepon Osorio
Ole! Installation. Collaboration with Colorado Dance Festival, 1995

Trisha Brown Retrospective
Trisha Brown Dance Retrospective
Installation view. Collaboration with Colorado Dance Festival, 1994.

Rimma and Valeriy Gerlovin
Rimma and Valeriy Gerlovin
Photo Installation, 1994.

Andres Serrano: KKK Portraits
Andres Serrano
Large scale photographs, 1992

Robert Colescott
Robert Colescott
One man show of paintings, 1992.

Sarkisian Collection
Sarkisian Collection
Installation, carpets and precious objects from the Middle East, 1993.

Sigmund Freud Antiquities: Fragments from a Burried Past
Sigmund Freud - Antiquities
Installation view, 1992.

Unknown Secrets: Art and the Rosenberg Era
Unknown Secrets - Art and the Rosenberg Era
Touring show, Installation view, 1990.

A Different War: Vietnam in Art
A Different War
Pieces shown, Keiko Bonk and Richard Turner.
Touring show, Lucy Lippard and John Olbrantz curators, 1989.