A Collection of Miscellaneous, Everyday Abstractions

Thank you for viewing this photographic collection of miscellaneous, everyday abstractions.  All the images are photographs so there is an objective origin out there in the world for each.  Following the art-life credo of the sixties I looked for images in the commonplace and in the out-of-place.  Everything was in play nothing was out-of-bounds.  Some of these pictures found me, others I looked for on purpose.  There are straight images: landscapes, travel, studio and macro work.  There are concept pieces, including the celestial and divine, and, even a few pets.  There are cacti and churches, blue nails, plus the Queen and the

Buddha. You can find interiors, exteriors, the weather and even a few portraits.  There are also multiple image collage and combination photographs.  Some are complimentary overlays, smooth as silk, easy as pie.  Some are more fantastical collisions like a car wreck or peculiar galaxy.  A few of the pictures are equivalences, a stand-in for particular people, places and times.  Others are totally without context and await you to supply a meaning.  Images available for use, or as prints.  For info or quote, contact me at


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